Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My cells can talk.

so, here are a couple of pictures of my sister and me from the other day, when we both had fevers. it was the weekend, though, so we couldn't go to the doctor. the day after this, i got a rash on my face, and then my neck and back and stomach and everywhere else. you get the idea. mom thought it looked like the heat rash i used to get a lot when i was pretty little. i was feeling a lot better on monday, and my throat didn't even hurt that much anymore, but i still had that rash all over. so, mom decided we should go see the doctor.

on the way to the doctor, i told my mom that i didn't think i was very sick anymore, because "my cells are killing the germs." i said that i thought there are only 10/30 germs left. mom asked how i knew this, and i told her it's because my cells told me. "they can talk. they send messages to my brain."
she was pretty happy to hear this. we went to the doctor, and he lifted up my shirt and said, "yep, that's the scarlet fever rash, from strep."... and my tongue was all white, and my throat was all red. so he told me to take some antibiotics, and i'll be okay in a couple days. i do feel a lot better.

i didn't give my sister strep, but she did have a couple ear infections. those are not my fault.

today, i think i only have 2/30 germs left. those cells are doing a good job. the antibodies are helping too. antibodies are kind of shaped like worms, and they're orange, with black lines around them. i read it in a book.

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