Sunday, April 04, 2010

where have i been??

i have been doing all kinds of stuff; i just forgot to get on here and tell you about it. we went to disney world again. i will go into detail about that later. also, i got an mp3 player, which is awesome. my favorite song is Living on a Prayer, by Bon Jovi. my mom put it on there, and she told me it was a popular song when she was about my age. that must have been like forever ago. but, they say really good music is timeless.
today was easter. it was a good day. we made this cave/tomb in sunday school, out of paper plates, and gummy bears for people, and an oatmeal cream pie for a rock to roll away from the mouth of the cave. and we found a billion eggs. my favorites are the ones with the jawbreakers in them. and i got to hide some eggs for my sister, when we got home, and the easter bunny hid mine. the easter bunny isn't actually based on a real person, like santa claus. i really liked coloring eggs, and i am pretty good at it, if i say so myself.

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