Wednesday, May 11, 2005

share the bread with the ducks? nah.

so today a friend of mine came over. his name is jon rocket, and he will be 2 in july. i do not know how impressed he was with me, as he did not smile all that much, really. not when i cocked my head sideways and talked funny, and not when i spun in circles. i may need to work on my act before i take it on the road.

the best thing that happened today was that we got to feed the ducks and even mean mister gander and his wife. mom gets a big sack of hamburger buns and says, "come on boys; we are going to feed the ducks now!" well, when we get close to the ducks, and mom throws some bread for them, the goose *ahem* gander comes over and hisses and puts his head down and chases the ducks away and eats the bread! so, we get a little closer to the ducks and throw some to the gander to distract him. mom gives jon rocket and me some bread to throw. john rocket throws his real far, but I say to myself, "Wait a minute! That is perfectly good bread they are throwing to that angry mister goose. I should not throw the bread. I should eat it." So I did.

it is a good time. the gander may even be my friend now. and his wife indeed has some eggs in there, because when she stands up to see what is going on with the bread, and we give her some, we spy some under there.


Anonymous said...

sam you should not look under there.

effie said...

anonymous is right- another one of those eggs could shoot right out and boink- there goes your eye! oye weh. and yes- bread is good for eating.
aunt effie

RHONDA said...

oh sam you would make me laugh!! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. maybe you can be my date to margie's wedding???????? I Hope you remember me or i will be so SAD. Get some pics out and remind yourself who i am.

watch out for those ducks. listen to effie!