Monday, May 09, 2005

new toys (sort of)

so, all my toys started making weird noises. some would talk or play the music really slooooow. sometimes they would not come on at all. sometimes they would come on when i was nowhere near them. i thought they maybe were becoming bad, mean toys with minds of their own. but then, mom and dad took all of the metal sticks out and threw them away and put in different metal sticks. now the toys work just fine, and it is like it was my birthday or something all over again! i forgot how fun some of them were! yay for new metal sticks! it is good that my toys all work now, because it rained and rained and rained and i could not go outside. that is kinda a bummer.

in other news, my pacifier got lost, and so dad bought me a pink and purple one, because that was all they had at the store in my favorite brand, Nuk [tm]. i do not mind so much; i mean a pacifier is a pacifier, and i am down with pacifiers. mom says she feels bad for me, though. is there something wrong with pink and/or purple?

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effie said...

there is very little wrong with purple. there are some things wrong with pink- but not irreparable things. and i'm happy for you about your metal sticks. i have a good friend who lives in my house who came to borrow some metal sticks and i directed her to a big bag full of them. much to her distress i had to tell her that i don't know which of them are working and which aren't. so it's a hit or miss type deal. but isn't life like that anyway really? consider this part II in your life lessons from effie from the trot sam. i have a feeling, though- that your life is gonna be a hit! see you this afternoon at SAM's...;)