Tuesday, April 26, 2005

okay. so this is the courtyard behind the house. i think i figured out why the goose is mean. he is on the right. there is another goose that sits over in one place all the time (on the left), and the mean goose makes sure that we do not get close to the other goose. mom says maybe the other goose is his wife, and she is sitting on the babies to keep them warm. i think that is a little weird, but i guess it makes sense. if mom was sitting on me to keep me warm, i would like it if dad protected us.  Posted by Hello


amber said...

that is not the truth - the goose is mean because he wants to eat your eyeballs, kinda the way that spiders want to eat my eyeballs. dont be fooled by lies, samwise.

effie said...

animal husbandry lesson number one from aunt effie from the trot:
daddy goose= gander
mommy goose= goose
likelihood that daddy goose is protecting mommy goose from sam- fair to middling. question for sam- and this is not a quiz so don't be nervous- do you like goose eggs? second question- are you a goose egg?

jessa said...

i read a card at walgreens last night. front of card: "you're a good chicken"
inside of card: "i guess that's what happens when good eggs grow up"
it was cute. and so is sam. and are lisa and aunt ammie and aunt effie. sam, have you entertained the thought of growing up and eating geese? it's totally possible.

Anonymous said...

you are HUGE, samuel! HUGE!!!