Saturday, April 16, 2005

a few of my favorite things

*one time mom put in a dvd with a bunch of farm animals. we danced! we sang! i even walked up and touched the tv. (the current fingerprint count on the tv now is up to i think 146,035.)

*i love the mouse and the keyboard and the power button on the computer. mom and dad really do not like it when i touch that power button, but i can't help it. mom says it is like i am an addict. what does that mean? anyway, it is a good, good time.

*aunt amber gave me two drumsticks. i like to stick the drumsticks through the holes in the wicker chair. the holes are getting bigger! if i keep on with such diligence, it will just be one big hole in no time.

*outside is so fun. i do not even care that mom has to rub some smelly weird stuff all over me every time we're outside. she will not let me get a tan, but that is okay. i like to throw the wood chips onto the slide. i like to yell at big kids when they go by. i even do not mind the rocks in my shoe. why do we ever have to go back inside?

*i like my new seat in the car. it has armrests and a cup holder, and it reclines. what more could i possibly hope for? (except to not have to ever ride in the car.)

*i like to toss things over my shoudlers. i just open up that drawer of dvds, and i get one in each hand, and i throw them backwards. my drawer-emptying speed is down to 3.8 seconds, and i plan to try to break the record today.


Anonymous said...

sam, i have an idea. when you are around other babies, your goal should be to toss heavy plastic toys over your shoulder so they can hit the other babies in the head...this is best done when in a daycare, when the teacher cant see who did what, but knows there are babies crying everywhere.
-aunt fattie

jessa said...

SAM! don't listen to aunt ammie. she is full of lies. you don't want to make other kids cry do you? this is what you really need to toss over your shoulder: nuts! in the park specifically. this way, little squirrels will follow you home. your mom and dad told me that they have always wanted a pet squirrel.