Saturday, April 02, 2005

easter and angry faces

so the other day, it was easter. mom says she does not know why it is on the day it's on, but it means that Jesus is alive. that seems like a fine reason to celebrate, although i do not understand how the eggs come into it all.....

but anyway, nany and mom and dad and i ride out to where my uncle and aunt and four cousins live. we get there, and two grandparents and two more great-grandparents (nany is also my great-grandma) are there too! so it's a big old housefull. and there are candy, and presents, and lotsa people who want to kiss me. aunt keri and mom mysteriously leave, then they tell us all to come out, and they hand us buckets, and there are lots and lots of colorful eggs laying around! i pick up a few, shake them, and run around. it is most definitely a good time! dad helps me by carrying the bucket, and of course mom takes pictures. i will try to add one to the blog soon.

in other news, my current favorite thing to do is make the angry face. that is what mom and dad call it. i am not really angry when i make the face; i just think it is fun to put my eyebrows down and yell. it certainly gets a reaction! once, i made the angry face and yelled at the lady who took the money and put the stuff in the bags at the food store, and she laughed and laughed and said that i had cussed her out. i think mom was embarrassed. but it was a good time, because i made the lady laugh.

also, and man, my fingers are starting to hurt! mom and i went down to see my grandpa who lives in the woods. well, in a house but in the woods. i learned that when they yell a lot at the tv, it is not because they are mad at me. it is because the people on tv are playing basketball. i think somehow they can hear mom and grandpa yelling, and it helps them play better?


aunt fattie said...

i like to make angry faces and yell too. it is a good time.
sometime when you are older i will teach you good words to yell.

James said...

Making faces is the coolest. I used to like to hunt eggs until I realized that the ones I got were hard boiled eggs, and they are yucky. Not to mention, who knows how long they have been sitting out in the sun until you find them.

Amanda Kay said...

ah, there's nothing to worry about with hard boiled eggs...unless they aren't really boiled...or if you find one that's been lost since last year