Wednesday, April 20, 2005

a goose

a crazy thing happened yesterday! mom and i went outside in the big yard behind our house. i had never walked around near the pond and the pool before, and mom said we were going to look at the geese. i did not know what a geese was, but she seemed excited enough about it, so i was all for it as well. we walk to where a couple birds are, near the pond, and mom points and says, "look, sam, a goose!" turns out they are big gray birds, as tall as me, and with black necks and heads. they look nice enough, so i want to pet them! we walk closer to the nearest goose, and he makes a hissing noise like a cat! i think this makes mom nervous because she says, "hmm, sam i think the goose does not like us." well, i am not scared, so i walk a little closer. the goose makes the hissing noise again and walks in our direction! we take a few steps back, and mom says again that the goose does not like us. but maybe he is just trying to talk to us? so i walk closer to him again, and he hisses some more and walks close to us some more and starts putting his wings up in the air a little bit. we take a few steps back and the goose keeps coming! so we turn and walk away kind of fast, and mom holds my hand and tells me that the goose is mean, so we better not try to pet him anymore. why is he so angry? i just want to be friends.

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Amanda Kay said...

Sam, Mr. Goose doesn't know you. He's just afraid. I bet he'd like you better if you have him some bread crumbs and let him come to you next time. You sure have a fun life, Sam. Good job!