Tuesday, November 22, 2005

whoah, where has the month gone?

so, a lot has happened in this long while since i last updated.

i am still letting out a few words daily, to dazzle mom and dad. no fainting has occured yet, and i am thankful for that. the latest ones: chair, baby, teeth, mine (mom really likes this one!), and me. mom is writing them all on the calendar. i wonder how long she will be doing this. seems like there might not be enough room on the calendar, if she keeps it up forever. maybe just until i am 35.

speaking of 35, i will be 2 years old this saturday. when is saturday? i do not know for sure, but i think it must be soon!

so a couple weeks ago, mom and dad and some kids from the college went on a trip, and they left me at my grandma and papa's house! this was the first time i had been away from both of them at once for overnight, and i only cried just a little! mom said she only cried just a little too. i had the best time, going to deer camp for a cookout, and meeting new people, and playing with (screaming at) the dog and cat, and riding on the lawn mower. my only regret is that i did not get to see a lot of friends who were on the trip with mom and dad. i would like to therefore send a shout out to craig. "Sticks!!" he will know what that means.

speaking of sticks, i got to see jeremy and kathleen last weekend. kathleen filmed me on her camera while i sang Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, and also while i danced around outside. i like to perform; what can i say?

and speaking of shout outs, it is my Pappy's birthday! Happy Birthday, Pappy!

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Anonymous said...

oh sam! i can't believe you are going to be 2! you are getting so old and mature...keep it up little guy---katy