Monday, March 03, 2008

Dr. Goat

so, lasterday we went to bella's birthday party, at the zoo. bella is one, and she is a baby like my sister.

we saw lots and lots of different animals. we even saw a giraffe, which i had really hoped but not expected to see, because mom and dad said they did not think there was a giraffe at the drive through zoo. they were wrong! there were also monkeys and birds, which were way way too loud, and also tigers and a lion and buffaloes and beefaloes and water buffaloes and lemurs and chickens and an alligator and lots of emos. dad said they are really emus, but they might be emo emus. i do not really get it.

anyway! here is a little goat. there were lots of goats, but this one was my favorite. dad asked if i wanted to give him a name, and so i named him Dr. Goat. by the time mom brought the camera over, he was not too keen on being petted anymore.

later, before my five hour nap (walking around at the zoo a lot makes you really tired), my dad told me a bunty story. in a bunty story, there is a dog at Growing God's Kingdom (my school), who lives in a closet behind the science area. if a kid is nice to him and brings him something to eat, he will grant the kid one wish. dad lets me make the wish. lasterday, i wished for a goat i could ride on, who had a thousand brothers. so, there was a mighty sound, and ms. paula looked out the window and saw a mighty sea of goats rushing towards the school, and she thought the school was going to get flattened. but really it was just dr. goat and his brothers, and they ran up to the school and stopped, and dr. goat said, "come on sam; let's go for a ride!" and we did.


Trevor said...

i just had to come back and re-read this classic sam i am post. then i read it aloud to several other people. classic. good job.

Trevor said...

by the way, it is april 19, 2008. i always wondered why blogger puts the time of day instead of the (more significant) date.