Saturday, March 22, 2008

we have been busy!

we decided to do another world tour this spring break, like last year. dad was supposed to go to kansas, but instead, he stayed home and threw up and went to the bathroom a lot. mom and elisabeth and i drove around and saw everybody, and we were already gone by the time we found out dad was so sick. we were sad for him, but he said it was maybe better that we were not there to catch it.

we went to see my grandpa, and we celebrated his birthday, even though it was a month late. he didn't mind. we gave him jelly beans, but elisabeth wanted to eat them all.

then we went to see my cousins and my aunt keri. we played board games and gamecube games, and we even jumped on the trampoline when it was not raining. and we all slept in the same room! it was pretty fun.

the weekend before spring break, we went to see grandma and pappy. we played with balloons, and we also went to the park to film the Starship Millerprise III. i will let you know when it hits theaters! if you will notice from this last picture, my hair is kinda shaggy. i got a haircut in between the grandma and pappy weekend and the world tour weekend. i do not really like haircuts, but i guess they are necessary.

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