Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day!

happy fathers' day to my dad!

i made this shirt. mom drew the letters, and i colored them. i also told her what i wanted the shirt to say. because really, my daddy is so cool. elisabeth helped with the shirt. mom did not want

her to, but i said it was okay. i told mom she was trying to draw me a tie. that is what it looks like, that purple line.

here are some things i like about my dad:

"He likes to play fun games with me, like ToonTown."

"He is sillier than other dads."

"He loves to have beef jerky."

"Also, he loves loves loves candy, too."

"Also, he hugs me and he kisses me."

also, happy fathers' day to my pappy and papa and grandpa! these are pictures of me with them at various times in my life. that is Pappy, teaching me how to hit. and grandpa is giving me a ride on his 4wheeler. and that is me and papa waiting in the waiting room for elisabeth to be born.

happy fathers' day, everyone!

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