Friday, June 13, 2008


as i told you a few days ago, we went to indiana. we go there every year, but this year it was kind of crazy! there were storms and hail, and the power went off. this meant that we spent a lot of time driving around in the car, where there was air conditioning. my dad needs that. while we were out driving, a storm hit, and there was water on the road up to people's headlights in some places. mom and dad seemed kind of tense, but it was sort of exciting to me. then the water went down, and the weather cleared up, but the power was still off when we got back to the inn. it stayed off until the next afternoon. me and elisabeth took naps in our underwear, but we still sweated a lot.

on the way home, i helped my mom look for tornadoes out the window, after we got through st. louis. we heard after we got home that indiana flooded the day after we left. i am pretty interested in weather now.

these are some pictures from our trip. as it turns out, indiana is a good place to play Sam and Betty vs. Every Tree. and it is a good place to jump on the bed. it is also a good place to go to the mall. we saw noddy there. i used to watch him on TV before i got into power rangers and batman. i think mom was a lot more excited to see noddy than i was.

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