Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new stuff happening like crazy.

i look at my watch constantly, so i know what time it is, what day, and what date. i had been watching it for a while, waiting for school to start. and august 18th finally got here! that means it is time to go back to school. i like school a lot, and i had really been looking forward to it. i am in the orange class this year, and i think it will be pretty good. my teacher said i was really super tall and asked when my birthday was.

to celebrate the first day of school, we all went to eat at taco bueno (formerly known as "taco bee-ay-nee-o). dad asked me what i learned at school, and i told him i did not really learn anything. i only learn stuff in sunday school. so, we talked about what i learned in sunday school. God made everything, and he made adam and eve, and he made the animals, and he let adam name the animals. so my dad said, "that must have been neat! if you could name the animals, you could name a hippo a 'diarrhea dog,' if you wanted to!" i thought that was pretty funny. so i said that i would name a lion a "butt horse." mom tried not to spit out her water.

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Shelly said...

Sam, you crack me up!