Monday, August 11, 2008


so, my mom is really into the olympics. she has me relay messages in to my dad, who does not watch the olympics that much. "sam! go tell daddy that michael phelps AND natalie coughlin AND aaron piersol all just won gold medals!" that is a lot to remember. so when i look confused, she says, "okay, tell daddy the swimmers just won three gold medals!" and so i run into the kitchen (that is where the computers are) and tell my dad. maybe someday they will give medals for running back and forth in your house, telling people things. if so, i will win gold, because i am already practicing. actually, i want to play baseball in the olympics when i am 41. that is what i told mom. she said maybe they will get it re-instated by then, whatever that means.

we watched the opening ceremonies at my grandma and pappy's house last day (friday), and they were pretty exciting and looked really neat on their gigantic new tv. mom took pictures of us in all our olympics-enjoying glory. we ate popcorn and hostess cupcakes and stayed up way too late. i ran around chanting "go USA, go USA!" i think that made mom happy.

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