Sunday, May 10, 2009

the cutest

today was mothers' day. in honor of today, i made my mom lots of presents. in school, i made her a handprint. my handprint is really big, and it took up the whole piece of plaster, pretty much. in sunday school today, i made her a flower out of tissue paper, and also a card. i am pretty good at cards. i don't even have to ask how to spell stuff anymore. she laughed when she read the card. i think she thought it was funny that it said, "dear lisa," and also that i said she was cute. then, bethy and i went shopping with my dad, and i picked her out a couple of books to read this summer. she's trying to read classics, so i got The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Wuthering Heights. then we found this card with a monkey and a puppy on the front, and dad let me write inside that one too. she read it at the restaurant (we took her to Joe's pizza and pasta), and she almost cried. my mom is silly. and, cute.

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