Saturday, May 30, 2009

rockin' the suburbs

i really really really really hate to get my hair cut. one time, when i was little, my mom was cutting my hair outside, and i was crying and shoving my hair-covered hands into my mouth, and screaming, "don't cut me!" while my mom was embarrassed and worried that someone was bound to call the cops any minute. nobody called the cops, and i still had to get a hair cut. anyway, the other day, mom suggested that we give me an interesting and extremely awesome style. i was a little bit embarrassed about all the attention that comes with having a mohawk, but i feel like in all, i rocked it out pretty nicely for a few days. now my hair is all buzzed off, but i think maybe every time i have to cut my hair, i'll sport a mohawk for a few days. it's a good time.

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Simply Organized said...

That looked awesome.