Saturday, May 23, 2009


I play tee ball now! my team is named the explosions, and my mom and dad and i think that is the very coolest name ever. i am number 5, and that's my dad's favorite number. they call it tee ball because you hit the ball off of a stick.
There are lots of rules in tee ball. Like, you can only hit the ball with your bat. and you have to wear a helmet. Also, you have to run when the kid behind you hits the ball, but sometimes i forget to pay attention to that. It helps to remember if you're not standing on first, facing the wrong way, celebrating. When you're on defense, you have to stand with your knees bent and be ready for grounders. You almost always throw the ball to first base if you get it. You do not throw the ball at the runner to get him out. You hustle on and off the field. You keep your eye on the ball. You don't give your teammates hugs; you give them knuckles. That's kind of a lot to remember, but i like it!
Oh, and also, the Explosions always win.

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